Exploring the different Turkish food

In different countries, food is one that makes them unique. That is why food adventure is one that should not be missed. Many have already written that when you travel to another place or country and you did not try their food then you did not really experience what it is like being there. There is the experience or travel that could give you a package with chosen places to stay, places to travel, things to do and places to eat. It would not give you much local experience.

That is why you should also try the locally produced food and the local cuisine. There may be places where you can taste them but it is not owned by the local. You can opt to escape it and look for a locally owned and run restaurant to try their cuisine. There are countries that people would not hesitate to eat food served in the community even the street foods. That is because it is already a safe one to eat.

Even if they are cooked and served on the street but they are also good in hygiene and so many do not have any problem with eating from those places. But it is a completely different story when they go to other places because of the type of food and the preparation so people choose restaurants that have a good service even if it is more expensive. Have fun also trying the food here in turkey just like the one who shared this video.