Learning some myths and facts about the Turkish culture

One of the things that are unique to one country is the culture that it has. Culture can also be one that has been followed by generations and it has been one that is already formed in the mind and heart of the people. It can also serve as the identity of one country or the people that practice it. Culture is one of the pride of many people and they are proud to be identified with it. It is one also that is the source of discrimination.

in the video above is about the culture of this country, Turkey. Many people can have a fixed idea about any country or group of people based on what they had known or heard or read. Though it may be true at one point in time culture can also change it could be different today. There could be improved and changes but to the one who had not known of those changes, it is still the same. That can give a set of a fixed idea.

That is why it is also good that in this generation, we can easily search for something and confirm the present status from the past. We can know some changes and we could understand better things. We can change our fixed ideas and replace them with the truth. There is the list of the myths that was discussed in the video above. It would be helpful to watch before you come and visit the country.