Tourism And War

It has been a good year and the tourist continually arrive every year as more and more people have been able to know of the places that they could travel. Other areas where not much tourist goes are also improving so as to attract tourists. That is because it is already a given fact that people now are more open traveling as compared before. Even solo travelers increased. Tourism has a great contribution to the economy of the host country if it knows how to manage it. But there is also a major hindrance.

That is the war that could occur in any country. Here in Turkey, it is a reality. Turkey is one of the booming tourism industry and it is doing well. It is improving in the arrival of tourists as more are coming and visiting wanting also to experience the country. But it has been a problem when the war happened and threats are everywhere. It is a normal reaction for tourists not to come when security is not guaranteed and the security personnel is on high alert.

Due to the wars that target the places where tourists go so people do not come already. The effect is felt in many top tourist spots. You can see how empty the once packed structures. The beaches or resorts that are filled with beachgoers are now becoming idle. With 100 beach beds packed before, only a few occupied ones could now be seen. Only when the fear would level down could the same level of tourists that arrives in the country could be achieved.

*This article was updated since its first posting for current events.