Turkish Airlines

The Turkish airlines are one of the pride of the country. It is one symbol that the country can also have some side of it that could improve and excel at what it does. Even if there are many things that affect them but the country can also have a positive point. Turkey is one that has been under some hardships from the time it was a country but it also has advantages and benefits and also strengths. One of the strength is the airline that has overcome others in some features.

The Airline has services to be offered to hundreds of destinations around the world and not including the regional setting in different continents around the world. It is now then one of the carriers that are given the rank as the largest carrier. They also have more destinations being covered with no stopping by originating from one airport only.

The headquarter of the airline is located in  Yeşilköy, Bakırköy in Istanbul in the Atatürk Airport. They also have other secondary ones located in the different airport in the country.

The airline department was once belonging to the Ministry of National Defense before it was given to the Ministry of Public Works then after some three years, it was given to the Department of Transportation. It has its own history since it was established and problems and challenges have arisen. Now it has overcome those challenges and is in the game of competition to also provide an excellent service that could help serve many destinations around the world.