Turkish Specialties and Souvenirs to buy in Turkey

Visiting and having a tour to different countries around the world is such a wonderful experience. Tourists are much interested in the tourist destinations and also the foods being served especially their specialties. In this article, let us know about the specialties and souvenirs you should buy when you have a tour in Turkey. And as mentioned in the video below, Turkish Delight is one of the Turkish specialties. It is like a dessert that taste very sweet. You can choose different flavors for this.

For a souvenir, the Evil Eye is one of the most unique souvenirs for you to buy. This souvenir looks literally like an eye. This souvenir is blue in color and Turks believe that it serves as a protector from evil spirits. It can be displayed everywhere. The traditional Turkish Carpet is also among the souvenirs which most tourists buy when they have a tour in Turkey which has best cleaning company go here www.detailing.com.tw/cleaning-company/. Before finally buying one, make sure that you know how to distinguish original carpet from fake Turkish carpet.

Did you know that Turkey is the motherland of spices? In other words, if you love cooking, then you should buy some of the unique spices found in the country. There are wide variety of exotic spices that will make a dish taste more delicious with good aroma. Also, Turkey is very famous because of its leather products such as leather shoes, leather bags and so on. View over this cleaning company, get in touch here 淨麗美清潔. Ceramics are also very popular in the country and it comes with different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors.